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When food is delicious you savor every bite. When life is delicious every moment is something with meaning. Sweet, salty , spicy, yes, life can be all those things… and should be.

Karla is an accomplished coach, who has walked the path of the single mother of a child with a chronic illness, as the single parent working multiple jobs to make ends met, the caregiver to elderly parents, and the nurtured who takes in stray animals and gives them love. She has worked in the corporate world, and understand the deadlines and the pressures and the toll that it can and does take on the mind and spirit. She walked this path, and learn life lessons, especially those on how to survive and even thrive in situations that would make others weak in the knees.

You might think you SHOULD be able to figure this stuff, this unhappiness, this stuck place, this low energy unhealthy feels all on your own. It’s difficult to see what you can do for yourself, when you are in the thick of it.

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