Creating a Healthy Home and Life

The world is filled with hidden hazards.

Karla can look at your home and lifestyle, and see where you can make healthier choices for your physical body. This includes eating plans, nature therapy, feng shui design solutions, and analyzing your home for EMF’s, chemicals, and other hidden health hazards.

This service is perfect for anyone who already experiences chronic health issues, or a caregiver for someone with autoimmune disorders. Anyone with young children will want to talk to Karla about her specialty services in this area, in order to give their kids the best shot at a healthy life.

This can be an in person session or via the internet!

Feng Shui for Living

Arranging your home is creating a template for the life you want to live, and a way to help your mind shift to the positive happy life attitude.

Some of feng shui solutions include bringing more nature into the home, looking at the balance of elements within a space for support, looking at the metaphors within your space for the challenges you are having in life, and then create ways to resolve them.

This also includes addressing the issue of CLUTTER and how it could be sabotaging your life in hidden ways.

Pricing is based in the number of people in the home, the size of the home and the scope of services ( such as working on a specific life issue or creating a master feng shui plan for the whole home). Prices range from $350 to $3500.

This can be an in person session or via the internet!

Soul Coaching(R)

Sometimes you just don’t know what’s wrong, or how to change the unhappy holding pattern that your life is in. Soul Coaching is a system of methods that can help you identify those negative core beliefs, unproductive self talk, and self defeating belief that you think are true ( but they are really not).

Karla offers single service coaching session that can include Soul Journeys, Soul Coaching Oracle Card Reading, or hands on session to create Vision Seed Maps or Spirit Sticks. It can take longer to make a real change in your life, which is why she has several 28 day programs that could be just perfect for your goals, of happy mind or healthy happy body.

Karla can work with people in her local area, but also people anywhere in the world via the Internet.

Price for a one hour Soul Journey session or one hour of coaching is $67. Please use the button below to pre-pay for your session.

Forest and Nature Therapy Sessions

Starting this fall, Karla will also be a provider of Forest Therapy guided session, and nature therapy sessions that can be done by anyone (no fitness level required). Nature’s energy can be a huge boost to the body, mind and soul.

Custom Products for You and Your Needs

Karla also can provide customize products for your home, in artwork, flower essence sprays, healthy home solutions and much more.

Your Next Steps…

You can spend a lot of time reading information and trying to create your own solution for happiness. However, having the help of a compassionate professional to work on your space and your life, can give you an unbiased solution and coach you to the life you want.

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