Karla Smithson, Soul Coaching Practitioner, Interior Alignment Practitioner
Karla Smithson, Soul Coaching Practitioner, Interior Alignment Practitioner

Find Your Happy Place Again!

Karla created her company Divine Petal with a mission… to bring beauty to your inner world and outer world! She knows that when you create beauty and tranquility in your home and sanctuary, that you will be create this in your mind and in your life.

When life seems bland, Karla helps her clients to live Deliciously again!

Her Story

Karla has an extensive background in both Corporate America, and local government, but also in the spiritual realm. She decided to leave the corporate world when an illness sidelined her from the work she had been doing and becoming a caregiver to her parent was desperately needed. It could be considered devastating, but it also could be God’s way of pointing her in the direction that truly fulfills her Soul’s Mission… to create beauty and joy wherever she goes.

Karla was a single mom, avid animal rescuer, and spent much time as a care giver for elderly relatives. She understands how working women, single moms, women caring for an elderly parent, can sometimes lose themselves in the work of being a nurturer. She has traveled this road herself, and knows from experience how to find joy again.

Karla uses the tools of nature, flowers, foods, Soul Coaching, feng shui, space clearing and helps her clients understand the messages the Divine and their own soul wants them to know.

What Clients Say about Karla

Testimonial from Ruth and MariaCatalina


Interior Alignment(R) Instinctive Feng Shui Practitioner

Interior Alignment 7 Star Blessing Space Clearing Practitioner

Soul Coaching Practitioner

Inner Harmony Forest Therapy Practitioner

Do You Want to Find your Happy Place Again?

If you are ready to make a change in your life, to bring more joy and happiness in, and banish the blah, it’s time to call Karla!

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