There I’ve stated the elephant in my head.  He’s taking up a lot of room in my mind, along with stay in your comfort zone, don’t move…  They don’t want to read your blog, who do you think you are?  Are these statements you tell yourself and do you believe them to be your truth?  Well, DO YOU?

          I’m learning how to be vulnerable.  It’s a different kind of brave.  I love talking to people and helping them on their journey.  I’m only able to share my journey, my lessons and my stories as that is my truth.  I am able to add the wealth of knowledge I have been obtaining through extra courses I have been taking.  If I would share other people’s stories, let it be known, they are not my truth.

          A blog is something I have thought about doing but…….  The story I tell myself is who wants to read my stories.  I also know that if my story/blog helps one person, I feel I could be a success.  Taking this concept one step further, writing this first blog, I have officially stepped outside my comfort zone, MY LEAP OF FAITH. 

          So, I am making a contract with myself and with the Almighty Above about this blog.  What I write will be from what speaks from my heart or maybe what I have dreamed about that pertains to my lessons in my life.

          My stories come from a place of love.  It’s a place where I can be vulnerable and share my lessons/story.  I feel that as I am learning about me, I have had chats with other people, and realize they have some of the same questions and concerns.  What are your thoughts about coincidences?

          So, this first blog is my short blog, and I truly appreciate you reading this.  It touches my heart that we can go on this journey together and discuss our lessons in life.  Let’s share ALL our moments and be inspired together as we take this life journey.  Take that Leap of Faith!

Petal Blessings,


P.S.  If there is something that you’ve thought about doing, take a step out of your comfort zone or jump out of your comfort zone.  START! Take that LEAP OF FAITH!